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Conventional soybean roasters use natural gas to make a flame that the beans go through. The problem is that the hot flame can scorch the beans, which reduces feed value, not to mention that the hot flame can cause the beans to catch on fire once they’re inside the bin.


Our electric-powered soybean roaster solves the problem by using hot oil inside an enclosed chamber to “cook” the beans. The unit is completely automatic. It represents a unique new concept in roasting soybeans.


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The 32-foot long stainless steel machine has a totally different design from conventional roasters. It’s built in two tubular sections. A 14-in. diameter tube with an auger inside it extends the length of the unit. The first 20 ft. of the tube is surrounded by a 20-in. diameter heating chamber tube that holds up to 165 gallons of oil and has four electric heating elements along its bottom. 6000 pounds every 24 hrs.

  A 4-in. thick layer of fiberglass around the tube helps retain the heat from the oil, which is transferred to the beans.


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The unit is equipped with a hopper at one end and tilts up at an angle to a 7-ft. height at the far end. Beans are continuously fed from the hopper and stay in the tube for about 1 ˝ hours. The auger then unloads them into a pile at the exit end of the machine.


It produces evenly cooked beans. It continuously feeds beans in so you don’t have to watch it at all.  It will run by itself for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can use a loader to take the roasted beans away once a day.


Conventional roasters can cook more beans per day but not with the same quality because they always scorch some of the beans, which spoils the feed value. If the beans don’t get properly cooled, there’s the potential for a fire in the flame-roasted units.


Roasting soybeans increases their nutritional value because the fat is left in the beans. The University of Wisconsin has tested this machine for over a year with good results. They found that it will roast 6,000 pounds every 24 hours which is enough for a herd of 1,000 to 2,000 milk cows. Their model is equipped with a crusher that also crushes the beans as they come out of the machine.


The auger flighting is covered by Teflon to prevent any steel shavings in the feed. The unit is also equipped with an adjustable temperature control.


So, if you demand the very best, please consider this new unique electric roaster. It’s been proven and tested for years at a government forage center.  Also, reports from a testing lab confirm the quality achieved with this roaster.  To view one of the test reports from Dairyland Laboratories, Inc. click here. Moisture content – crude protein – in addition to an optimum PDI value – and a properly heated, processed soybean will have an increased activity (pH unit rise) of less than .02.


Our electric-powered soybean roaster evenly and perfectly roasts throughout, due to the tumbling process. This unique new concept is better than any other system of roasting on the market today.


Contact us for more information. We also have names of customers who could provide you with their input on our roaster.  Contact us today.



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